What is digital smile design?

DSD – Digital Smile Design is a modern instrument that, with the help of computer technology, allows each patient to simulate the end result of dental treatment together with a dentist and help create the ideal solution for their smile. Currently the world’s most advanced facet and veneer planning protocol, Digital Smile Design (DSD), is a concept that visualizes therapeutic procedures to patients using computer software, photographs and video content.

The expert team of our dentists presents the planned look of the smile to the patient via the DSD computer program. This is the only method that equally involves the patient in the decision-making process important for the final design of the aesthetic treatment.

After visiting the patient’s office, our dentists study photographs, X-rays and digital analysis of the teeth in order to find the appropriate treatment plan that suits the patient’s needs.

In that process, it is performed through mathematical measurements of facial symmetry, and it is very important that it is in accordance with the proportions, personality and age, because every smile is special.

The advantage of DSD is its predictability where each patient can see the end result, participate in the planning process, and even change something. The DSD concept itself also provides better communication between the patient and the doctor to the mutual satisfaction.

When is DSD used?

  • before fitting a fixed prosthesis
  • immediately before removing the fixed prosthesis
  • before prosthetic rehabilitation smile
  • as preparation for making veneers and veneers

How does DSD work?

  1. photographing and recording smiles and faces when resting and when smiling
  2. clinical examination of dental status, anamnesis, analysis of X-rays
  3. preliminary conversation about the patient’s wishes for the appearance of a smile
  4. internal communication of the team of doctors of the Cvjetković practice (orthodontist, surgeon, prosthetist) with the dental technician
  5. photo processing in DSD program
  6. DSD smile design
  7. presentation of the DSD aesthetic treatment design plan
  8. production of aesthetic compensations according to the DSD plan

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