Dental implants cost

The dental implant price is certainly one of the most important items to be informed about, but it should not be the only factor in choosing the appropriate dental office that will perform the implant placement.

Depending on the type of dental implant, the prices of implant placement also vary. The prices of dental implants also vary within one brand (implant system), so within one implant system, there are variations due to different sales prices of individual implants.

With the Straumann implant system, there are Straumann Roxolid and Straumann Roxolid SLActive, which also differ in price. The SLActive surface of Straumann dental implants significantly shortens the time of osseointegration, ie “adhesion” of the implant with the bone from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks. This is especially important in the treatment of patients with controlled diabetes, osteoporosis, or in smokers.

One of the major innovations in this implant system is the BLX implant, whose design allows for maximum stability of the implant in the bone. Primary stability is achieved even in compromised situations.

Roxolid is a new generation of implants. It is made of highly compatible elements of titanium and zirconium, which achieves greater strength with a smaller implant diameter. It is more than 50% stronger than pure Class 4 titanium and achieves superior osseointegration with the SLActive surface.

Thorough laboratory and clinical trials of more than 400 patients in 60 centers around the world have been performed on the Roxolid implant. All to provide a proven database on the safety, behavior, and benefits of this high-strength product.

Dental implants how much?

The price of dental implants in the Queen Dental Clinic starts from 450 € to 1,000 . The cost of dental implant placement depends on many factors listed above.

The standard prices for the installation of dental implants mostly depend on the selling price set by the manufacturer.

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What are the most important factors in determining the price of a dental implant?

The most important factors on which the price of dental implant placement and the entire implant therapy depend are:

    1. First of all, we would like to single out the knowledge and skill of the doctor who installs the implants. It is logical that someone who completes a specialization in oral or maxillofacial surgery (which costs, of course), who is aware of possible complications and knows how to solve them, charges more for his work compared to doctors who have not received similar training. On similar principles, it depends on the doctor who performs prosthetic work on implants – the one who knows how to make a crown or a bridge so that there is no food stucking, nor excessive load on the crown on the implant, etc. also charges more. In short, a doctor who is aware of his knowledge, proper work and the quality of the service provided to the patient, must adequately charge for the same service.

    2. The amount of bone needed for a dental implant. The installation of dental implants requires certain minimum bone dimensions. If the patient does not have enough bone tissue, there is a possibility that it can be upgraded with different techniques. The technique of bone tissue augmentation significantly affects the total cost of dental implant placement and the time course of the entire implant therapy. Bone upgrade techniques are:
      • increasing the amount of bone tissue by adding bio-membrane and artificial bone
      • simple alveolar preservation
      • bone block transplantation
      • ridge splint technique

    1. The quality of the material from which the dental implant is made. A dental implant that changes a natural tooth consists of three parts: the titanium body of the implant, the abutment and the crown itself, which can be porcelain fused to metal crown or all ceramic crown.
    There are a large number of dental implants on the market of different quality and purity of titanium since they were made. The prices of dental implants vary and largely depend on the purity of the titanium from which the implant is made. The price of titanium is determined on the stock exchanges and is subject to frequent changes, and the constant growth of demand for this metal affects the growth of the price. The surface of the body of a dental implant is sometimes specially prepared at the factory in order to enable better and faster “healing” for the jawbone. Of course, the price of such dental implants is always higher than “ordinary” ones. The brand of the dental implant itself does not have to be a determining factor for the price. The implant is a titanium screw that most factories make according to established standards. However, there are implants that in certain situations have an advantage over others. If the bone is narrow, in order to avoid an additional bone augmentation procedure, narrower implants that only some companies produce can be installed. A similar situation is if there is not enough bone in height, short dental implants from certain manufacturers can be used.Infrastructures (abutments) that are placed on the dental implant can be made of titanium or zirconium ceramics, so they are of different prices.

    1. Number of teeth that should be replaced with dental implants. The higher the number of teeth that need to be replaced with implants, the higher the cost of installation. Also, if the range of the ceramic bridge is larger because the patient does not have a lot of teeth in the jaw, a larger number of dental implants is needed, so the price is higher;
    2. By using computer-planned surgical guides during implant installation, we are certainly much more precise compared to manual orientation. Surgical guides can increase the cost of dental implant placement.
    3. The price of a dental implant will be increased by the use of special superstructures that will close the implant until it grows with the bone. These superstructures are used in order to avoid possible additional, later surgical intervention on the soft tissue, which aims to prevent the food collection around the crown of the dental implant.
    4. The location and equipment of the dental office. The application of the most modern devices and the knowledge of the most modern technologies of implantology have a very significant impact on achieving the maximum aesthetic and functional aspects of the installation of dental implants.
    5. Other possible costs that most future patients do not take into account immediately:
    • plain X-ray
    • panoramic x-ray
    • CT or 3D image
    • Ordinary or surgical tooth extraction
  • How to calculate the cost of installing a dental implant?

    All of the above factors are individual and cannot be predicted in advance. If you want to find out the total price of dental implants, come to us and consult with our experts. Before you decide on this step, think carefully because decisions of this type are extremely important for the quality of your future life.

    We will help you choose the right quality and price of dental implants that suits you best. Once done, the intervention solves your problem of missing teeth in the long run.

    The price of replacing one tooth with an implant is = Price of a dental implant + price of a superstructure + price of a tooth crown.