Hollywood smile

You have probably already come across many articles and photos related to this term. The Hollywood smile originated from Hollywood divas and signified a beautiful smile with pearly white teeth. Over time, the Hollywood smile has changed and today we are not sure what exactly it means – a smile that looks natural or very white and straight teeth. That is why it is very important at the beginning of working with the patient to clarify what is beautiful to him / her and what they want to show when they smile.

Whether you like a more natural or slightly brighter smile or something in between, you can get the smile you want in our office. You actively participate in the entire process, starting from the digital creation of a smile, through a rehearsal with temporary material to the final production. You don’t have to worry about the final appearance, it turned out that we are much more demanding than most patients.

The trend of white and straight teeth in Serbia came from abroad and has been present for a long time. However, in highly developed countries, the natural type of smile is becoming increasingly popular and taking precedence. With a smile like this, one insists on naturalness, individuality and a personal stamp. The teeth are necessarily white, but by no means “lime” white, they must have a slight transparency and transparent cutting edges and must not be made straight “under the floss”. A smile must have its own dynamics, liveliness and whiteness, and as such it should rejuvenate a person. This kind of Hollywood smile (or as it is more and more often called “beautiful smile”) requires an individual approach, digitalization of the procedure and a high sense of aesthetics, and its price is higher.

Did you know that for every tooth there is a rule according to which it is modeled, such as the inclination in three planes, the transition from one surface to another and the like? In order for a Hollywood smile to be natural and attractive, the smallest finesse of the teeth must be respected, as well as the fitting of the tooth string in the shape of the face and lips.

By ignoring the aesthetic guidelines, we get straight, thicker teeth, the same full color, which do not follow the lines of the lips and face, and the whole picture seems more or less artificial.

Research shows that the artificial appearance of teeth, regardless of their whiteness, makes people older than they really are.

At a high price is a beautiful, bright and absolutely natural smile.

In our area, “Hollywood smile” often means too white and straight teeth. A variant of this kind of smile is much simpler to make and much cheaper. Despite the fact that such a smile suits some people, the trend in our country is slowly changing towards more natural variants.

The Hollywood smile is widespread and thanks to today’s dentistry, even toothless people can have it.

How to get a Hollywood smile?

“Hollywood smile” can be achieved in several ways and by a combination of different techniques.

In the Cvjetković office, we are familiar with all the techniques and aesthetic interventions, digitalization of the procedure, prosthetic and orthodontic ways of achieving a beautiful smile. And what is very important – we have a great “eye for aesthetics”.

For younger people and people who already have beautiful and properly spaced teeth, Hollywood smile can be achieved with less invasive methods such as teeth whitening. When the arrangement of the teeth is not appropriate, we resort to orthodontic therapies (fixed appliances, invisalign).

For the Hollywood smile, the correct proportional relationship between white aesthetics (teeth) and pink aesthetics (gums) is very important. Believe it or not, even with teeth that are ideally modeled, a bad level or condition of the gums can spoil the overall impression. To get healthy and attractive gums we use different surgical and non-surgical techniques.

 The Hollywood smile requires that the teeth match the shape of the face and that the tooth string follows the lines of the lips when laughing. Otherwise, instead of sophisticated, we get a slightly “vampire” look.

For all those who want to get a smile quickly, the right solution is ceramic veneers or porcelain fused to metal crowns. However, for such a quick smile, you would have to have a relatively correct arrangement of teeth and gums, as well as a proper bite.

Hollywood smile can also be obtained in toothless people, by making prostheses or fixed works on implants (All on 4, All on 6). These are demanding, but with the help of digitization and certain software, at the same time standard procedures.