Permanent teeth are just one

Permanent teeth and the eruption time of individual permanent teeth are subject to various individual variations. Due to inadequate oral hygiene and the fact that parents often do not even notice that the child has no teeth, permanent molars and especially the first permanent molar, are often susceptible to caries.

As a preventive measure in the development of caries, we suggest filling the fissures, as well as the necessary quarterly and six-month dental check-ups. Then we can detect pathological processes at an early stage of development, and the therapy of the same is easier, and at the same time the aversion of the child to dental interventions is avoided. We will also assess the need to apply fluoride or use special toothpastes that will harden the tooth and help fight caries.

Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums

Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums, are the most common diseases of the oral mucosa in children. The biggest cause is poor oral hygiene,  dental plaque. They are manifested by the appearance of redness, swelling or bleeding during brushing. The inflammatory reaction of the gingiva in children can persist for a long time, without turning into chronic destructive periodontitis. However, even the mildest form of gingivitis is a potential initial stage of severe periodontitis in children, and later in adults.

Of course, in order for your child’s permanent teeth to be beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to maintain regular and proper oral hygiene. Permanent teeth need to be brushed after every meal, and brushing in the morning and evening is a must. The parent cleans and controls the brushing of the child’s teeth until the child establishes coordination of movements and is able to maintain proper and thorough oral hygiene on his own. Even at the school age of the child, it is necessary for the parent to influence the child, to go to regular dental examinations, in order to avoid more serious pathological changes on the teeth. Remember, beautiful teeth are just healthy teeth!

Permanent teeth are one and keep them to last you a lifetime.