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Who are we?

Our dental office in Belgrade has a team of dentists and professionals who gathered for a common goal – your healthy, beautiful, and satisfied smile. Our dentists are highly educated and experienced professionals from various dental fields. We constantly improve our knowledge in the country and abroad to offer you dentistry to the highest standards.


Mirela Cvjetković

Oral surgeon
It makes your smile irresistible with the help of veneers or crowns. At the same time, it compensates for lost teeth with implants. The road to the final smile is long but worth the patience. You can always contact us with confidence.

Milica Čukanović

Corrects your irregularly spaced teeth, and improper bites. Not only does it allow proper growth and development of the jaws and face, but it also significantly improves the appearance of your natural smile. Ask us anything you are interested in regarding this important topic.

Miloš Stojanović

General Dentist
He takes great care of your teeth. Aimed at the correct and modern root treatment.

Jelena Stevanović

Successfully treats periodontal diseases, and eliminates gingivitis and bad breath. Performs gum surgery for health and aesthetic reasons. Ask what you are interested in, we are here to help with all your dental concerns.

Tamara Rikić

Dental assistant
The owner of a pleasant voice that greets you first. She is our right hand and a valuable member of the dental care team.

Isidora Petrov

Dr. stom.
Dr. Isidora Petrov simultaneously cares for your teeth and your appearance. In addition to being an excellent dentist, she also successfully practices anti-aging medicine. If you want to rejuvenate, erase wrinkles on your face, or look fresher and firmer, contact us. Dr. Isidora will impress you with her approach as well as your new appearance

The patient is always in the first place

Detailed examination, good analysis, and excellent and efficient communication among dentists – specialists are characteristics of our team. Therefore, our dentists can provide highly reliable, accurate, and high-quality dental work.

What kind of equipment and materials do we use?

Our dental office in Belgrade has modern equipment that is necessary for accurate diagnosis and reliable therapy. Our dentists use only high-quality dental materials that help to produce long-lasting dental fillings, crowns, and other dental work for you.

Your smile is our concern

In the dental office in Belgrade, you will feel comfortable, with a nice atmosphere, friendly staff, and the commitment of our dentists, and specialists, to you as a patient. We are proud that our dental clinic in Belgrade is visited by the large number of satisfied patients.

Services we provide

I would mention some of the dental services that we provide, which can improve the function of dental arches, and brighten your smile: porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, “invisible” – lingual fixed appliances, fixed dental braces, dental implants, all types of prosthetic devices on implants, ceramic crowns, bridges, removable dentures … You can feel safe with us.

Why to choose us

  • we use the best dental materials
  • we take care of your gums as the best basis for healthy and good teeth
  • we place great importance on aesthetic dentistry and create personalized dental therapies
  • your teeth are given the best dental therapy to last as long as possible
  • we passionately care about the quality of our work and the possibility of providing top aesthetic dentistry at any time for your smile
  • free parking

Our teeth represent us and are very important to our appearance. At the same time, we must stay healthy for as long as possible. It is worth taking care of them because don’t forget, permanent teeth are just one and you have to keep them to last you a lifetime.

Our priority is to treat our patients as we would like them to treat us.

Our dental practice is waiting for you! Come and see for yourself the quality of dental services.

We want to thank you for your trust and to introduce you to the world of modern dentistry.