Dental implants – installation

The process of implantation of dental implants begins with a dental examination that is performed in the office and analysis of the orthopedic image. If, after consultation with the dentist, the patient decides to install dental implants, he is referred to the obligatory 3D orthopan imaging (CBCT image of the exact region).

After analyzing the 3D orthopan or CBCT image, the dentist determines that the structure and density (width and height of the tooth bone in the region where the screw is installed) of the tooth bone is satisfactory for the installation of a dental implant. It is very important to determine that the position of the future dental screw in relation to the nerves and jaw sinuses is good and that it will not cause certain health problems.

What needs to be done before the surgery itself?

Before surgery and installation of dental implants, it is desirable to make a mobile denture or foil that shows the position of future teeth, the relationship between teeth when speaking and biting, the position of the lips, the range between the upper and lower jaw, the so-called. intermaxillary relationship.

These factors significantly influence the treatment plan and give a clear insight into the future end situation. It is best to adopt a final treatment plan at this time. With this approach, we avoid potential errors that may occur during therapy, which are the result of insufficient or inadequate planning of the entire process of dental implant placement.

How does the process of dental implant placement go after making a decision about therapy?

After making a detailed therapy plan, the patient receives all the necessary medications as a mandatory preparation for the surgical-implant procedure itself. Once the patient has prepared for the dental implant, the titanium screw implantation process can begin. If tooth extraction is required, it is performed on the first day, and implant placement can be completed on the same day or two to three days later when the wounds heal. Before the implant placement procedure, patients sign a consent to the implant procedure.

What are the procedures after implanting titanium screws in the bone?

After installing the appropriate screws in the bone, the patient comes for a check-up and spends the next four months waiting for the screws to grow together with the bones. With total edentulousness and larger partial edentulousness, a temporary prosthesis is always provided, which patients will wear during the period of implant adhesion. If better quality dental implants (eg Straumann BLX) are installed, it is possible to provide patients with a temporary bridge that is screwed and immobile, so that it provides much greater comfort and convenience than a temporary denture.

What is the period of integration of the dental implant with the bone?

The period of integration of the embedded implant into the bone is called osseointegration.
During this period, numerous changes occur in the bone tissue at the cellular level. The mutual effect of a good surgical technique and an adequate response of the organism will result in a successful implantation.
The basic conditions for achieving adequate osseointegration of the implant are surgical work with as little trauma to the bone as possible, immobility of the embedded implant, good blood supply to the bed in the bone, good response of the body in terms of tissue repair.
After installing a dental implant, it is necessary to wait for some time in order to complete the osseointegration and so that a dental crown, bridge or prosthesis can be placed on the implant. When the implant is installed in the lower jaw, we generally wait about 3 months, while in the upper jaw we wait from 3 to 4 months.
If the implant did not have primary stability during installation, we always wait a little longer.

What things need to be done before making dental crowns?

Before making dental crowns, it is necessary for the patient, in cooperation with the dentist, to choose the color, shape and length of future dental crowns. Dentists in our office will always show examples of different types of crowns that differ in quality, color, etc. Making dental crowns on dental implants begins with opening the dental implants and scanning the jaws. If crowns were placed over the dental implants immediately after the installation of dental screws, then the temporary dental crowns are simply removed, an impression is taken, and then the temporary dental crowns are returned to the dental implants. After taking the impression in the laboratory, abutments are selected separately for each dental implant, and after the abutment is processed, the production of permanent dental crowns begins.It takes 5 to 14 days to make dental crowns. During the procedure of making the implant-prosthetic work, we use digital procedures, and we have significantly minimized the time of making as well as the necessary corrections. This is followed by the final tightening of the abutment in the dental implant and fixation of the future dental crowns, which ends the whole process.

Computer-controlled installation of dental implants

New IT solutions and technologies, such as navigation implantology, enable the process of implantation of dental implants to be performed with computer control, by observing the passage of the implant through the bone on the screen.

The involvement of computer technology is also important for the production of surgical stents, on the basis of which the surgeon implants dental implants according to precisely determined positions.

What happens after a dental implant is placed?

During the first few months after the installation of dental implants, it will become clear whether the implants have perfectly integrated into the bone. Dental practice Cjetković has so far had an extremely high degree of success in the installation of dental implants, because before each installation we perform detailed and precise professional analyzes of the patient’s condition. The integration of the implant significantly affects the healthy lifestyle of the patient and that is the primary motive we are guided by.

The benefits that the implantation of dental implants brings to patients?

The best dental implants restore all the functions of natural teeth and their aesthetics. The dental implants that we install are impossible to distinguish from the patient’s natural teeth.

Tooth loss is a common occurrence that occurs as a consequence of caries, excessive wear or tearing of teeth, inadequate oral hygiene or periodontitis. Tooth loss is a serious aesthetic and health problem for any individual who, in addition to dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance of the oral cavity, is not able to consume all foods.

The right and only solution in that situation is the installation of dental implants, whose installation procedure consists of the phases already explained. Dental implants replace the root of a missing tooth and form the basis for dental restoration or a bridge that is installed on it.

Implanted dental implants can withstand heavy loads for years, and some of them have a lifetime warranty.

Who decides on the possibility, place of installation and type of dental implant?

The final decision on the installation of dental implants must be the result of joint work and analysis by the dentist and the patient. Want to make sure a dental implant is a good choice for you? Contact us and come to consult with our experts.