Dental implants experience

The installation of dental implants still remains one of the best methods of replacing natural teeth. Dental implants are much more reliable and high-quality solution than dentures. The long-term development of dental implants has contributed to keeping their shortcomings to a minimum.

Can dental implants be harmful to the patient?

The dental implants we use in the Dental Practice Cvjetković are of the highest quality and are made of high quality materials. These implants are biocompatible, titanium and are not harmful to human health and the organism.

The use of these dental implants does not cause any negative consequences for the patient’s health and there is no risk of rejection of the implant by the body.

How long does it take to adjust a dental implant to the body?

The speed of adjustment of the dental implant and adhesion to the bones is influenced by a number of factors. From the moment of implant placement, to the production and placement of the dental crown, it can take 3 to 6 months with cheaper dental implants or 6 to 8 weeks with more expensive ones, but far higher quality implants, that we recommend.

What are the prices of dental implants?

The prices of dental implants depend on a number of factors, as well as the quality of the dental implant that the patient chooses.

More information on the prices of dental implants can be found on this page: DENTAL IMPLANTS PRICES.

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