Lipolysis is a medical procedure of melting and removing unwanted fat deposits on the body, by which we can change the shape of body parts or faces.

In which parts of the body the lipolysis is the most often applied?

Lipolysis is most often used on parts of the body that cannot be adequately shaped by persistent exercise or diet. In most cases, the method is applied to the thighs, abdomen, hips, buttocks and chin.

What does lipolysis treatment look like?

Lipolysis treatment consists of applying lipolytics with micro needles directly into the adipose tissue of the treated region. The procedure of applying the lipolytic itself is safe, but about 15 minutes after the application, a burning sensation, redness and swelling of the treated region develop.

How many treatments are needed?

One region is treated with 3 to 4 treatments to the desired effect. The process of breaking down fat cells is slow, and the lipolytic acts on the skin so that it additionally strengthens it and does not allow the formation of excess skin after melting fat deposits. Depending on the amount of adipose tissue on the patient’s body, sometimes only one treatment is enough.