Total dentures and their price

Total dentures are mobile prosthetic replacements that solve the problem of edentulousness, i.e. we replace all the teeth of one or both jaws.

In edentulous patients, these compensations significantly affect the function of the masticatory system and enable a better quality of life, while, on the other hand, they obviously change the appearance of the face.

This denture consists of an acrylic (pink) part that mimics the appearance of the gingiva (gum), and a white part that compensates for lost teeth. The acrylic part adheres closely to the mucous membrane, ensuring the stability of the total prosthesis by means of a vacuum, so that all the pressures that occur during the movements are transferred exclusively to the mucous membrane of the mouth.

The importance of a total prosthesis is reflected primarily in the improved chewing function and nutrition of the patient, but also in clearer speech, and a new relationship between the upper and lower jaw, which is very important for the health of the jaw joints. The disadvantage of the upper total prosthesis is that it completely covers the palate, which reduces the sense of taste somewhat. On the other hand, the lower total prosthesis is more graceful but also more unstable when chewed.

What if the prosthesis falls out of my mouth?

In people who do not have enough bone or saliva density, there is a lack of vacuum, and it happens that the prosthesis falls off the tissue even with the slightest movement of the lips and tongue. This is especially common with lower total dentures.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and that is the installation of dental implants that stabilize total dentures. They are “attached” to dental implants by a system like a snap. The connection between the prosthesis and the implant is very strong, sometimes it is difficult for the patient to remove it. There is no word here about the spontaneous fall of the prosthesis from the mouth. After this treatment, you can eat whatever you want without fear of being embarrassed by the denture falling out.

To begin with, we need to review you and your X-rays, to determine if you are the right candidate for implant placement. Our specialist team will explain to you how many implants are needed and what the dynamics and cost of the work are.

Can I look nice with total dentures?

You can, not only beautiful but also absolutely natural. Our doctors pay great attention to the patient’s comfort and natural appearance. We try to make your teeth as beautiful, white as you like and to copy your previous smile if you want.

That is why we can offer you completely individualized total dentures. They are made of Candulor acrylate, which is known for its better characteristics and hypoallergenic effect compared to standard acrylate. With these dentures, even the gums are modeled, so it looks as if the tooth “grows” out of the gums.

You understand that if you opt for individualized prostheses on implants, you get immeasurable comfort and a beautiful smile.

The total denture, as a compensation for its shape, normally supports the soft tissues, so that the lips have the tone again as when there were natural teeth, the wrinkles on the skin in this region are less pronounced. And most importantly, a smile is returned to your face.

When it comes to these dentures, the patient has absolute freedom in creating his smile. You need to tell us your wishes, and we will do our best to put them into practice. You can request larger, smaller, lighter or darker teeth, similar to the ones you had or completely different, with or without a space (diastema). If you have any doubts, we are here to advise you based on our knowledge and many years of experience.

The price of a total prosthesis is certainly an important factor, but it should not be the most important. The quality and expertise of the therapist are always in the first place, because that is the only way you will be satisfied with your smile.

Depending on the type of material and teeth you want in the prosthesis, the price of one prosthesis ranges from 350 eur to 600 eur.