When will I get new teeth?

The most common question and a very important one is when patients will get new teeth. We’ll make you happy – with the help of modern technology that we use every day in the Cvjetković office, you can get new teeth immediately after the implant placement. In that case, we do the planning retrograde. We scan your jaws and use software to make temporary crowns and surgical stents that will allow precise placement of the implant in a predetermined position for a given crown. After the installation is completed, we fix a pre-made crown on the implant. When planning implant therapy in edentulous jaws, it is necessary to first consider and decide on appropriate future prosthetic replacements (bridge, conditionally fixed bridge, prosthesis, etc). This step requires a detailed examination of the patient in the office, analysis of the position of the upper and lower jaw, as well as the distance between them in the vertical direction (bite height). It is very important to consider the patient’s current line of laughter and assess the future aesthetic appearance with compensations. Therefore, it is desirable to make temporary prostheses first, which will be a signpost for further work. Such prostheses can be used to make surgical stents, with which the implants are placed in a predetermined and most precise position in the bone. In addition to the precise implant placement, this technology allows the patient to receive a temporary bridge immediately after the intervention. In that way  the later procedures for imprinting or scanning implants, making and testing temporary bridges, and re-working with fresh surgical wounds are eliminated. After leaving the office, the patient immediately has teeth and can function normally every day while the osseointegration of the implant from the bone lasts. This technique is much more comfortable for the patient, but it requires complete digitalization of the procedure, selection of a special type of implant and therefore increases the total cost of therapy.

Can I get a tooth right after the implant?

There is a possibility to immediately place a temporary crown on the installed implant. It is used mainly for front teeth that cannot bear the pressure of chewing. It must be designed so that there is no contact with the adjacent teeth or with the teeth of the opposite jaw during the movements of the lower jaw. In these situations, a temporary crown is made only for aesthetics, not for function. Otherwise, the mentioned masticatory contacts, may lead to implantation failure and implant loosening. Especially in the period of about 4 to 5 weeks after its installation. That is why it is very important that during the osseointegration of the dental implant you do not bite off any food, but chop it and transfer it to the back teeth. In order to make a temporary crown, it is necessary that the implant has a certain stability during installation. If there is none (soft bone, surgically too widened bed), the temporary crown should not be placed at all. Implant is completely covered with the gums and waits for a period to integrate with the bone.

sci. dr Mirela Cvjetković

sci. dr Mirela Cvjetković It makes your smile irresistible with the help of veneers or crowns. At the same time it compensates for lost teeth with implants. The road to the final smile is long but definitely worth the patience. You can always contact us with confidence.