Do you feel that your gums are too visible when you smile? Ideally, during a moderate smile, only the pink triangular gums between the front teeth should be visible. The necks of the central incisors are slightly covered by the upper lip, and the gums above them are not visible. If your gum visibility is more pronounced, it is likely that you have a gummy smile. This phenomenon occurs due to an inadequate relationship between the upper jaw and the upper lip when smiling. For some, the problem is in the jaw (too pronounced), for others, it is in the upper lip (lifted too much when smiling), and for some, it is a combination of the above. We can solve a gummy smile in several ways, and the method we would use for you depends on your anatomy and muscle dynamics. The least invasive method is gingivectomy (reshaping of the gums). It is rarely done to correct a gummy smile because it has the most limitations. Another non-invasive method is the application of Botox, after which it is not possible to lift the upper lip too high, but a normal, natural smile is possible. If you are in good hands, no one can tell that you have had Botox done.

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