If you have noticed that the neck of your teeth is exposed in some areas and that your gums have receded, there is reason for concern. Where the gums have receded, the jawbone has also receded, leaving the tooth without that part of its bony support. This is the beginning of a vicious cycle, as in such situations, bacteria more easily enter the spaces around the neck of the tooth and cause further bone and gum recession. At the end of this process, the tooth remains without bony support, begins to loosen, and eventually results in tooth loss.

Gums and bone recede due to several reasons, such as:

  • excessive and inadequate pressure from chewing on that tooth;
  • overly rough tooth brushing;
  • thin and sensitive gum biotype…

To prevent further and deeper consequences, it is necessary to first remove the cause of the recession and then restore the lost tissue. There are various methods and techniques we can use to stop and eliminate these processes.

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