Every intervention, no matter how simple in nature, can become complicated. During a tooth extraction, the following can occur:

  • fracture of the tooth crown or root;
  • injury or loosening of neighboring teeth or teeth in the opposite jaw;
  • injury or fracture of surrounding bone;
  • “dislocation” of the lower jaw and even fracture of the entire jaw. In addition to hard surrounding tissue, injuries to soft tissue such as bruising of the lips, tearing of the gums, and injuries and bruising of soft tissue under the mouth and tongue are possible. Surrounding structures such as the maxillary sinus can also be injured, and if the inferior alveolar nerve is injured, temporary or permanent numbness of the lower lip on the same side occurs. Breaking of instruments, profuse bleeding from the wound, and swallowing or aspiration of contents are also possible. Depending on the type of complication, specific measures are taken, and it is resolved in the shortest possible time.
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