The answer to this question would be another question – are they really high?

Unfortunately, despite a lot of effort to save all the teeth, at some point one or more teeth are lost. The lack of even one tooth leads over time to greater destruction of neighboring teeth, bones, tooth displacement and even problems with the jaw joints.

In order to prevent all this, it is necessary to compensate for the missing tooth, preferably with a dental implant.

Once adequately and properly installed, a dental implant will serve you for at least 10 years and you will use it every day not only for chewing but also to prevent the already mentioned complications.

An installed dental implant does not require any additional interventions other than your daily tooth cleaning and occasional curettage at the dentist, with special curettes. Therefore, it does not require excessive further investments.

If we compare the price of a dental implant that lasts a very long time with all the other prices you pay every day (car maintenance, fuel, hair, nails, restaurants, private lessons…) you will realize that in a period of at least 10 years dental implants are actually -too cheap. And again, they compensate for the lost part of the body – the tooth. You will agree, health is still a priority.

Of course, in order for such a calculation to be realistic, the dental implant must be adequately installed, following the installation rules and protocols. Otherwise, if complications arise due to inadequate dental work or non-maintenance by the patient, the loss of the implant may occur and unfortunately this is not just a waste of money. Then your jawbone often becomes lost which is not easy to compensate.

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